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June was released in June 2021.

Written, performed & produced by Kinematic.
Special guests: Coco Clarke and Greg J. Walker
Engineered and recorded by Michael Owen & Gordon Clarke at Sunshine Harvester & Whiskey & Rye.
Mixed by Greg J. Walker.
Mastered by Adam Dempsey.
Produced by Kinematic & Greg J. Walker.

Cover painting by Karri Clarke.

Kinematic are Gordon Clarke, Mark Olszewski, Michael Clarke and Michael Owen.

© Somersault Music/Kinematic. All rights reserved.


June   3.29

June lives over the road, when she goes away
I bring in her mail, once every day like clockwork

June is comfortable with me, when she goes away
I water her plants, once every day like clockwork
Even weekends and holidays, I’m not far away

But I guess a friend
Who uses me
Is better than no friend at all
I'm sure

June leaves me her keys, she has fish to feed
And when she gets home, I brew up the tea
Once every day like clockwork
And one kindly word can make her smile
And I live to make her smile